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We’ve Got Team Spirit


At Watford Freestyle, our junior classes start from 8 years to 15 years.  All of our classes start with a warm up program, where the children are given cardio vascular exercises along with stretching, press ups and sit ups. Following the warm up the rest of the lesson is spent on teaching kickboxing techniques, shadow sparring, pad work, sparring drills etc.  At the end of each lesson the children are asked to “Pad Up” and take part in small sparring sessions.  These are completely optional. There are ten belts in our curriculum and all of the students have to work hard to achieve the standards required to progress through to their Black Belt.   Before any student is allowed to take a grading, they must first demonstrate that they can perform all of the required techniques for that belt, to a high standard.   We do not believe in giving belts away, they must be earned through dedication and hard work.  We find that this gives all of our students an immense feeling of pride as they attain the different color belts. Students are also encouraged to compete at small novice competitions if they show willing, which can then prepare them for the larger competitions as their confidence and ability grows.

Adult Classes

Our Adult classes are from 16 years onwards and are open to both men and women.  We have a variety of ages in these classes, which are run on a similar basis to the Children’s Classes, although the warm ups are a lot more intense. 

The Watford Studio is fully kitted with free standing punch bags, pads, kickshields.
Is equipited with waiting area, viewing gallary, toliets, kitchen, shower and changing areas.

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